Monday, 8 December 2014

Natur Cymru Winter 2014-15, Issue 53

Publication date: 15th December 2014

Cover price £4.50, or quarterly by subscription £18 pa (individual) or £32 (group/organisation)

The search is on for harvest mice in Wales ● Becky Clews-Roberts. The latest information on how to search for harvest mice.

The rare spider fauna of Wales ● Richard Gallon. An insight into the exceptional spider fauna of Wales.

Restoring ancient woods – seeing the light ● Alastair Hotchkiss. An urgency to start, but no rush to finish.

Bats in Wales ● Henry Schofield. The changing face of bat conservation over the past thirty years.

Llynnau Cregennen – the hidden jewels of Cadair Idris ● Tristan Hatton-Ellis. New discoveries revealing the most unspoilt of Welsh lakes.

Tro’r tymhorau ar hyd ein glannau ●  Nia Haf Jones. Blwyddyn ar hyd y glannau ac o dan y don.

Citizen scientists counting our breeding birds ● Geoff Gibbs. How birdwatchers can make a real difference to our knowledge of Welsh birds.

Wildlife in orchards, churchyards and gardens ● Iwan Edwards. Connecting people with wildlife on their doorsteps.

Buglife ● Clare Dinham. Brownfield stepping stones

Discoveries in Science ● Mike Wilson. Leafhopper diversity in a Cardiff urban meadow

From the garden ● Richard Thomas, Bruce Langridge & Richard Pryce. A sustainable future from a Regency past

Nature at large ● Ivy Denham. Habitat management at Rhosgoch wood

Marine matters ● Ivor Rees. After the 2013-14 winter storms

Life lines ● Ceri Morris. Surveying Risso’s dolphins

Mammals round-up ● Frances Cattanach. Mammal news from around Wales

Green Bookshelf ● Raymond Roberts, Chris Ledbury, Jane Rees, Ben Stammers, David Saunders

Cynhadledd Partneriaeth Bioamrywiaeth Cymru ● Wales Biodiversity Partnership Conference