Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Natur Cymru Issue 57 Winter 2015-16

'Twelve drummers drumming' (detail)
by Ann Lewis
Publication date: 15th December 2015
Cover price £4.50, or quarterly by subscription £18 pa (individual) or £32 (group/organisation)

A box of matches and sheep's teeth ● David Elias
Conservation management on the North Wales moors

The Welsh uplands death or resurrection? ● Mick Green
Wildlife declines may require a new approach.

Planhigion meddyginiaethol Meddygon Myddfai ● Bethan Wyn Jones
Hynt a hanes meddygaeth lysieuol.

The Black Mountains - not such a black future ● Bradley Welch
Targeted use of the Welsh Government Nature Fund.

One farm’s flora: 30 years on ● Neil Ludlow
Vegetation changes on a Carmarthenshire smallholding.

Something like tundra.....unique Welsh highland habitat ● John Harold
Montane heath on the upland plateaux of Snowdonia.

The pearl-bordered fritillary in Wales ● Tammy Stretton & Russel Hobson
Conservation efforts along the Welsh border for this declining species.

The Llysdinam legacy ● Fred Slater
The story of Cardiff Unversity’s field centre in mid-Wales, and the studies conducted there


Buglife ● Sarah Henshall
Exposed Riverine Sediments and the invertebrates found there

Discoveries in science ● Sarah Daly
Stuffed, Pickled & Pinned - an exhibition of the wonders of nature in Welsh museums

From the Garden ● Rob Thomas
Pollen analysis throws light on the creation of the Middleton Hall gardens two centuries ago

Green Bookshelf ● Ian Spence, Annie Haycock, Chris Fuller, David Saunders & Mandy Marsh

Lifelines ● Kathryn Hewitt
Natura 2000 - the natural wealth of Wales

Mammals round-up ● Frances Cattanach
An update on a whole spectrum of Wales' mammals

Marine matters ● Ivor Rees
Proposed Tidal Lagoon in Swansea Bay

Nature at large ● Gareth Cunningham
Welsh seabird colonies - how are they faring?

Plantlife ● Dave Lamacraft
Unearthing the secrets of the Celtic rainforest

News ● Hilary Kehoe - PONT - grazing animals project

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