Monday, 23 February 2015

Conquest of the Skies - David Attenborough

The power of flight is one of the greatest miracles of Nature. Over one hundred billion creatures soar through the air today – from nectar-drinking hummingbirds to armoured airborne beetles, from bats hunting in the black of night to bizarre winged lizards.

In Conquest of the Skies, David Attenborough travels back in time to unravel the astonishing 300-million-year story of how these animals first appeared and explores the huge variety of aeronauts that fill our skies today. Using the latest scientific analysis, he can now reveal the hidden mechanics behind their gravity-defying skills.

The 208 minute DVD or 3D version will be released on 9th March 2015 and can be ordered through Amazon. Just click here.

Seeing is believing .... take a look at this amazing preview: