Friday, 10 September 2010

Snowdon Litter Pick

Why oh why? Litter anywhere is bad news but on the nation’s favourite mountain it’s shameful. Our beacon of national identity despoiled with crud and crap. How very dare they! The trouble with litter, the more you’ve got, the more you get - like a magnet.

September after a busy summer and at least the Llanberis path is looking a bit tidier thanks to 37 volunteers - organised by the Snowdonia Society, with help from CCW, the national park wardens and a free ride on the mountain railway.

Plastic stirrers for hot drinks at the summit, why not wood? Neither should be thrown but at least the wood will degrade. Dog poop sealed for longevity in knotted poop bags. Bottles, carrier bags, cans and the usual suspects. Boxer shorts and a pair of curtains? A canister marked ‘GRENADE’ turned out to be a smoke bomb to test the wind before landing a helicopter.   
Huge bags of boulders, flown up to the eroded track ready for the footpath gang, stuffed full of all sorts. Extracting a nappy I was grateful for my rubber gloves and ‘handy helper’ – extended claws that together with the orange tabards made our gang look like a mutant species.

'Leave only footprints, take only photos' – here’s the YouTube.


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