Monday, 3 October 2011

Natur Cymru Back Issue Offer

Natur Cymru back editions can be bought for £3 (subject to availability) but for new subscribers this is an expensive way to build a collection. We are therefore introducing a bulk purchase price of £1 per back edition subject to a minimum order of 5 editions inclusive of UK postage. This offer is open to subscribers only.

Some editions are not available (e.g.  No. 1) and others are in short supply so please get in contact before placing an order.  Call 01248 387 373 or email

If you are purchasing back editions you may like to consider buying Natur Cymru binders which hold 10 editions and cost £8.95 with a small discount for multiple binders i.e. 2 binders £16.95, 3 binders £24.95, 4 binders £31.95.

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