Sunday, 30 October 2011

Visit to a Raven Roost

I’ve just got back from a visit to the raven roost in Newborough Forest on Anglesey; back in the 1990’s it was thought to hold about 2000 birds. The occasion today was a Cambrian Ornithological Society visit, guided by Nigel Brown who has carried out research here with others from Bangor University. We met at 2pm and walked slowly through the conifers, watching a big flock of tits and goldcrests moving through the branches.
After a while ravens in ones and twos began to fly overhead, and as we reached the roost area along the rocky ridge small groups of ravens were flying in all directions, making an astounding range of sounds. A peregrine appeared and gave great views; maybe it was after one of the jackdaws which were arriving along with parties of rooks. By now the ravens were settling in the trees as we sat quietly, taking in the spectacle and the cacophony of calls.
Tawny owls hooted close by as we started to walk back at dusk, and finally a woodcock flew low over our heads to round off a memorable visit.

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