Friday, 2 December 2011

After Life in the Rot Box

Bruce Ing, who has written an excellent article on slime moulds for the next edition of Natur Cymru, is appearing in a BBC documentary called After Life. The 90 minute programme will be broadcast on Tuesday 6th December at 9pm.

Bruce with a slime mould
Details of the programme can be found on the After Life website which includes some gruesome footage of amongst other things a rat being disposed of by sexton beetles, time lapsed of course.

The programme is all about the science of decay. A ‘rot box’ has been created at Edinburgh Zoo simulating a typical kitchen and garden in which normal household items are consumed by an array of maggots, fruit flies, different bacteria and so on ..... including, I assume, some slime moulds which feed on the bacteria? Anyhow, best not second guess, watch the programme instead.

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