Friday, 30 March 2012

Daffodils receive visit from Natur Cymru delegation

Allan Brandon (Dragonfly Man), James Robertson (NC Editor), Joanna
Robertson, Kate Gibbs (NWWT Chair) and Geoff Gibbs (NC dogsbody)
Wild Daffodils grow on an upland pasture above the Conwy Valley, you can read all about it in Natur Cymru #34 Spring 2010. As part of the magazine's quality control programme, part of the Natur Cymru team took this morning off from indoor stuff to check the daffs out. They (the daffs) are still there, and doing well. In one photo you can see the high-level delegation. The other picture shows more daffs.

The team also enjoyed other spring sights and sounds - Wood Anemonies, the first Speckled Wood butterflies of the year, sparring Buzzards and Ravens, and plenty of Chiffchaffs singing away.

Wishing an enjoyable and wildlife-filled Easter to all readers!!

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