Friday, 15 June 2012

Nora hates flounders

Last weekend was bad news for the Dyfi ospreys and you can hear Emyr Evans describing the storm, the death of one chick and the dramatic rescue of the other, on Country Focus, Sunday 17th June.  I met up with Emyr on Thursday afternoon to make the recording and Ceulan, the rescued chick, had doubled in size over five days and was looking fit and well.

I will NOT eat flounder
But there were concerns that Ceulan had not been fed that day. Monty, the male osprey, had delivered a flounder to near the nest and left it draped over a branch. Nora, who started her life in Rutland Water, well away from strange-looking flat fish, ignored it while crows pecked away. By the time I left the wind had picked up, another storm was on its way and Monty had not delivered anything more appetising. What happened next?

The wonders of social media .... there was a tweet from @DyfiOspreys to say Monty had arrived with a huge grey mullet at teatime. See live streaming here. At the time of posting this item both mother and chick looked fit and well.

Emyr has written a brilliant article about the reserve which will appear in the next edition of Natur Cymru due back from the printers on 22nd June. The summer edition would have been a week earlier but for the fact that the printers, based in Aberystwyth, also got flooded! 

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