Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Renewable Energy and Biodiversity Impacts - IEEM 2012 Autumn Conference - in Cardiff 7th to 8th November

In the face of climate change and targets to reduce carbon emissions, renewable energy technologies are globally recognised as a critical part of the solution. However, the siting, design and operation of many renewable developments often bring significant conflict with biodiversity.

 What you will learn?

1. Knowledge of the evolving policy context, economic constraints and incentives that apply to the renewable energy and how these influence decision making
2. Identification of key issues that renewable technologies raise for ecologists and environmental managers
3. How the latest research is filling gaps in our ecological knowledge
4. How renewable technology developments can apply best practice to protect and conserve the most ‘at risk’ habitats and species

Key speakers include Tony Juniper and Jane Davidson

Full programme info and details of how to book your place please visit the IEEM website.

Conference supported by Community Windpower

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  1. I went to a summit similar to this in London back at the early stages of eco-sustainability. It was the late 90s and it was all very clandestine, they were worried that the government were going to hush hush them. I was working with the guys at WDS Green Energy a few weeks ago and I bumped into somebody from that summit, turns out he's the CEO of a FTSE 100 company now! Go figure!