Saturday, 29 December 2012

Birdwatching and walking from the River Dee to Puffin Island

Excellent article by Kelvin Jones of BTO Cymru in the latest edition of Natur Cymru. This can also be read online (for free!) on the Natur Cymru website. The title in the magazine 'Birdwatching on Wales’ Coastal Path' is a bit misleading, covering just a small chunk of the path, as Kelvin explains in the final paragraph ....

‘I started writing this short piece as a description of an ornithological journey along the Wales Coast Path. But in this brief article we have only succeeded in travelling from the River Dee to Puffin Island. The remainder of our journey – around the coast of Anglesey and the Llŷn Peninsula and down to Porthmadog and St. David's, and then over to the magnificent Severn Estuary - will have to wait for the time being. Nevertheless, I hope that I have succeeded in giving you a taste of the orthnithological feast you can enjoy in North Wales.’

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