Monday, 10 December 2012

Moelyci Festive Fair .... elves everywhere

There was a warm atmosphere at yesterday’s Moelyci festive fair and an extra marquee was erected to accommodate the many stalls. Kurmang from the Model Bakery in Blaenau Ffestiniog was there with his Kurdish pasties. I didn’t feel strong enough for one of those so had a spinach and feta pastie for breakfast and a cheese and onion one for lunch. When asked what time he’d got up to do his baking he replied midnight! It was good to see he had sold out by 3pm.

I was on the Natur Cymru stall and met lots of existing subscribers who did an excellent job of directing new recruits in my direction. By the end of the day there were ten new subscribers. With subscriptions you can never say you’ve sold out but ten made me very happy. The stallholders either side of me were getting a bit cheesed off with the spiel .... ‘a subscription to Natur Cymru is not just a gift for Christmas’.

As you may know Moelyci is in a difficult financial position and appealing for support. Visit their website to find out more about the wonderful work they do. Below is a message from John Harold and two attentive elves!

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  1. Sorry I missed it, Huw, as I live very close, but I had a sore throat. However, I did pick up one of Kurmang's Kurdish pasties in Bangor last week and it was delicious. Very warming! All the best.