Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Wild Things

I was copied into this email which I thought would make a good Natur Cymru blog post. The author of the email is Dr Trevor Dines, the Plantlife Cymru Conservation Manager, and he said at the foot of the email that he would like it circulated ......


(I’m trying very hard not to say “I’m going to be on the telly”, but…)

Just to let you know that Wild Things, the new Channel 4 series that I’ve been involved with, will begin at 8.30pm on Monday 21st Jan. This new six-part series opens up a completely different view on the world around us, revealing how plants offer an understanding of changing British wildlife. Using maps to show which species have come and gone over the last 50 years, each episode explores a different part of Britain and tells the stories and the science behind the changes.

With help from Plantlife, the Botanical Society of the British Isles, the British Lichen Society and the British Bryological Society, as well as Bangor University and Treborth Botanic Garden, Wild Things aims to introduce maps and change to a whole new audience in an accessible and slightly quirky way.

Wild Things has been produced by Welsh independent TV company CwmniDa, Caernarfon, and is their first series for Channel 4.

A book, The Wild Things Guide to the Changing Plants of the British Isles: Guide to the Changing Plants of the British Isles, complete with maps, illustrations and more background information, has also been written to accompany the series. 

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