Sunday, 31 March 2013

Icy Snowdonia

Successive freeze-thaw and blasting wind created spectacular sculptures. Clumps of icicles like pipes on a cathedral organ. Reeds in sheaths of ice. 

Gravity-defying windswept tendrils
of frozen water. 
Towards the top of Moelwyn Bach the snow, sealed in a shiny layer of ice, crunched beneath our boots as we followed the trails of snowboarders down towards the west.  

At the snow line a lone badger ran down the steep grassy slope into the drifts against the stone wall. We watched from high as it sought the exact spot, dug into the snow and eased its way through the square mesh of stock wire and a convenient gap between the stones.

This is what it sounded like underfoot:

And this is some shaky footage of the badger:

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