Saturday, 13 April 2013

Writing from Nature

Chris Kinsey and Gillian Clarke
How does the natural world inspire and inform creative writing? How can writing about your natural surroundings enrich your writing, as well as your relationship with nature? This course, suitable for both beginners and experienced writers, will seek inspiration from the scenic, wooded surroundings of Gladstone’s Country park in Hawarden. An intensive 4 day course with Chris Kinsey starting: 2pm Thursday 6th June 2013 to Sunday 1pm.

Chris Kinsey was BBC Wildlife Poet of the Year in 2008. She received an Arts Council of Wales Writer’s Bursary in 2000 and has had three collections of poetry published...... but, even more impressive, she is a previous winner of the Natur Cymru Inspired by Nature writing competition.

Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden is the UK’s only residential library. For more information on the course, including fees and fee waiver scheme, please visit:

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