Friday, 14 June 2013

Natur Cymru 47 - a marine theme

Puffin by Sharon Whitley 
Marine nature conservation in Wales: gloom or hope? - Blaise Bullimore. The struggle to establish protected areas at sea.

Adfer gorgors yn Rhyd-ddu - Gethin Davies.

Sea stars and the Sea EmpressRobin Crump. A tale of two cushion stars in south-west Wales.

The one that got away - Pippa Moore. What influences recreational crabbing success?

‘I carry your heart with me …’ Eloise Williams. Natur Cymru writing competition runner-up.

Harvest time again  -  Matt Sutton and Vicky Swann. Seed collection and meadow restoration in Pembrokeshire.

Observing a Grey Heron – Linda Auld. Herons and egrets at large.

What is happening to our honeybees? -  Pete Barrar. Responding to the threats: a new National Beekeeping Centre in Wales.

A walk in the fields - Julie Bromilow. People in the landscape and the Zero Carbon Britain vision.

A meadow too small: the strange case of Crug-y-Byddar – Julian Jones. A valuable habitat at risk because of a protection loophole.

Discoveries in science – Tim Rich. Waiting for a Sorbus – three new whitebeam discoveries.

Green Bookshelf – Dafydd Roberts, David Saunders, James Robertson.

Woods and Forests – Kylie Jones Mattock. Restoring the Celtic rainforest: the challenge of a lifetime.

Mynd i’r Eisteddfod? / Going to the Eisteddfod?

Nature at large – Colin Miles. Surveys at the National Botanic Garden.

Marine Matters – Ivor Rees. Dilemmas in the rush for renewable energy.

Cystadleuaeth Gelf Natur Cymru Art Competition.

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