Monday, 16 September 2013

Natur Cymru 48 - a rewilding theme

Artwork by Rich Edwards.
Prizewinner in the Natur Cymru wildlife art competition 
The theme for this edition is rewilding, prompted by the publication of George Monbiot’s Feral.

Pandora’s Box or future perfect? - Lizzie Wilberforce. Issues around a wilder future for the uplands.

Room for elephants - Andy Jones. More thoughts on Feral.

Optimism rewarded: Cwm Idwal 15 years on - Barbara Jones and David Parker. Returning diversity and attractiveness to an upland site.

Bringing back the beaver - Adrian Lloyd Jones. Progress with plans for a Welsh re-introduction.

One farm’s flora - Neil Ludlow. A Carmarthenshire smallholding in the 1970s-80s.

Fungi ha-ha and fungi peculiar - Pat O’Reilly. Some examples from a fascinating kingdom.

A mysterious moth – the Welsh clearwing - Rhiannon Bevan and Dan Forman. Discovering the secrets of a potential Welsh icon of nature.

Troad y rhod - Twm Elias. Adfer twrbein Tan y Bwlch a'r ystyriaethau amgylcheddol.

Bee Cause – action plan for pollinators - Bleddyn Lake. A campaign for bees and friends.

Green Books - James Robertson, Andrew Lucas

50 Years Ago - John Harold. Moths and mothing – 50 generations on.

Plants at large - Simon Goodenough - Stuart Smith. Hedgerow harvest - Crug-y-byddar.

Discoveries in science - Alan Orange. New lichens from Welsh rivers.

Marine Matters - Blaise Bullimore. Gloom or hope? Marine Conservation Zones update.

Islands - Geoff Gibbs. Two goodbyes. News from Bardsey and Ramsey.

Life lines - Kathryn Hewitt. LIFE Natura 2000 Programme.

Woods and Forests - Rory Francis. Trees benefit bees.

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