Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Breeding Birds of North Wales

The Breeding Birds of North Wales book was launched last night at RSPB Conwy. Guests included the four editors (tired but happy – see picture), Anthony Cond from Liverpool University Press and Graham Appleton (BTO Director of Communications).

Photo by Richard Gallon of Cofnod
The next Natur Cymru will have an article by Graham about the BTO’s work on satellite-tagged Cuckoos which has produced such incredible results on where and when our Cuckoos go, outside the breeding season.

The book launched yesterday is the first on the birds of the whole of North Wales since Forrest in 1907. It is based on 5 years fieldwork (2008-12) by hundreds of volunteers, enabling the mapping of all breeding birds in North Wales at the 2x2 km scale. Each species account has this tetrad map, plus three 10x10 km maps showing how the distribution has changed in the last 40 years. And of course photos of all the birds and an excellent selection of habitats, plus introductory chapters about our changing birdlife.

Species accounts are written by the four editors and other knowledgeable individuals. Each species account is sponsored by individuals or businesses which raised the money for publication by LUP. The introductory chapters are fully bilingual as are the Red Kite and Greylag Goose accounts; all other species have Welsh summaries. Copies of the book are available this week (only) for £20 +delivery (£3.50 for first copy, 50p per copy for extra copies). £45 after this week (but no doubt less on Amazon). If you would like to place an order, ring Janet at LUP on 0151 794 2233 (office hours) and say Anthony said the offer is still on until Friday!

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