Tuesday, 8 October 2013

John Muir & Carreg y Saeth

I was puzzled to hear the John Muir Trust (JMT) was planning to buy land in the Rhinogydd; why something so Scottish coming to Wales? Surely there are enough wild places in Scotland? Aren’t there already enough conservation charities in Wales? Susan Wright, Head of Communications at JMT, put me straight.

Susan Wright explains
What I hadn’t appreciated was that the Trust is a UK-wide charity with significant membership in England and 250 members in Wales. There are also 100 providers in Wales for the Trust’s educational initiative, the John Muir Award.

What I also hadn’t appreciated were the international credentials of John Muir himself. Born in Dunbar, he emigrated to America with his family as a ten year old, and went on to become the leading light campaigning for the establishment of national parks. I particularly liked hearing how in 1903 he got President Theodore Roosevelt to join him on a three day camping trip at Yosemite. Who would be the modern day counterpart for Obama? and where would they go? 
John Muir & Theodore Roosevelt

So now I understand the background and wish JMT every success in raising the £500K to buy the 104 hectares of land at Carreg y Saeth, just before you reach Llyn Cwm Bychan, en route to the Roman Steps. The money will also fund the employment of a local development officer and a forward looking management plan. Looking to the future, I hope there will be an article in Natur Cymru about the achievements following on from the successful appeal.

Follow the link if you would like to learn more about the appeal to buy Carreg y Saeth Isaf.

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