Sunday, 12 October 2014

Natur Cymru at the Unknown Wales Conference

This year’s Unknown Wales conference was held on Saturday (11th) at the National Museum in Cardiff; it is a joint event with the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales and is sponsored by the Welsh Government. Entry was free and the seven 30-min talks ranged widely over a variety of topics, from the diatoms and dung beetles of Wales, reintroduced sand lizards on Welsh dunes to the Barry Triangle where rare deep-sea fish suddenly turn up! For the full programme, see

Natur Cymru was well-represented, as shown in the photo taken by a helpful bystander; from the left Geoff Gibbs (North Wales), Ken and Delcie Simkin (Mid Wales), Jane and Ivor Rees, and Kate Gibbs (all North Wales). Everyone in the audience (around 200) was handed a bag of goodies including a back number of Natur Cymru, and during the lunch-break we recruited five new subscribers.

It would be good if this conference could be more accessible to a wider audience throughout Wales – would people be happy to sit in a venue in Bangor or Aberystwyth to watch the event on a screen if all the speakers were in Cardiff? In any case, we can heartily recommend the event as a great day out for anyone interested in Welsh wildlife and environment; roll on next year!

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