Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hay Meadows in North Wales

The Greater butterfly orchids had gone to seed but Caeau Tan-y-Bwlch was or were looking great.

It was a hay meadow celebration day on these traditional fields overlooking the coast from above Clynnog Fawr. The fields are owned by Plantlife, managed by the North Wales Wildlife Trust and recent recipients of funding from the Nature Fund which has covered various works such as fencing so that the land can be effectively grazed. AGAP (Anglesey Grazing Animals Partnership) was on hand to offer advice on the management of hay meadows. 

A man from SABI (Scything Association of Britain & Ireland) had driven from Norfolk and was helping people perfect their technique; the swish, swish of a scythe is so soothing.

The hay meadows were not quite ready for mowing, some seeds have yet to ripen, but now was a good time for practice and inspiration with several species still in bloom. Once mown, the hay will be baled and used to help seed more meadows.

Children were being instructed in the art of butterfly netting but as you will see, Hilary loses their attention!

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