Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sand Martins, Seagulls and the Garfish

If you walk West along the beach towards Porth Dinllaen, there is a magnificent set of Sand Martin nests, tunnelled into the collapsing cliff bank. It was busy, busy towards the end of August. The chicks peering out of the nests looked big and hungry. When the parent returned with food, only 1 of 3 was happy.

While I was admiring the view across the bay, from just beyond the Tŷ Coch, a seagull struggled to take off from the sea, with a snakelike Garfish swinging beneath its wings. Quite a heavy load. On the sand the fish made several attempts to wriggle free. Juvenile gulls tried to share the prize but the catcher was feeling selfish. 

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