Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Iolo's Wild Wales

FREE COPY of Iolo’s Wild Wales 3 disc DVD box set RRP £17.99 [WE HAVE RUN OUT OF COPIES SO THIS OFFER NO LONGER AVAILABLE. You will need to order elsewhere.]

The first five people to phone through and order a new Natur Cymru subscription will receive a copy of Wild Wales, first shown on BBC in three, one hour episodes, which is being released as a DVD box set on 9th April.

Here’s what one reviewer said about it:

The series was broadcast in three, one hour episodes: The Beautiful South, Heart of Wales and The Rugged North. Much of the most spectacular footage from Secret Life of Birds made its way into this production interspersed with red deer on Ramsey, bats, stoats, waxcaps, the Radnor lily, jumping salmon, red squirrels, sand lizards, otters, Risso’s dolphins, arctic charr, purple saxifrage, bottlebrush mosses, fallow deer, feral goats and seals on Bardsey.

New footage on birds included spectacular dives of an osprey into the Dwyryd estuary. After several attempts a fish was caught then repositioned mid flight, to be head first aero dynamic, as the bird flew at eye level past Portmeirion’s visitors seemingly oblivious to the natural spectacle.

It’s the sort of programme that makes you feel Grand Slam proud to be Welsh!

CALL 01248 387373 to take advantage of this offer: if you leave a message, please remember to give your phone number and mention Wild Wales.  Five copies available. Please have your credit / debit card details ready. 

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