Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Living Wales & the ecosystems approach

Janes Potočnik
‘Resource efficiency is not a choice, it is inevitable. Our choice is whether to develop it now, or whether we wait until we are forced to when critical resources are exhausted and expensive. During the 20th century the world population grew four times, its economic output 40 times. We increased our fossil fuel use 16 fold, our fishing catches by a factor of 35 and our water use 9 fold. It was called the great acceleration, but I am afraid that we might hit the wall soon. 

The business as usual scenario tells us that we would need three times more resources by 2050. But already 60% of the world’s major ecosystems on which these resources depend are degraded or are used unsustainably. So business as usual is not an option.’ 

Janes Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment, 
12th December 2011.

Here in Wales we recently took part in the UK assessment which showed a much better situation with a mere 30% of our ecosystems damaged! That’s the wake-up call, now we need action and the Living Wales programme may yet save us from ourselves. But what is it? Will it change the way we do things? Will it stop anomalous decisions such as Pembroke Power Station

Pembroke Power Station - picture by Martin Caveney
If you want a layman's overview of Living Wales and the ecosystems approach you can click here to read the article published in edition 42 of Natur Cymru.   

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