Friday, 18 January 2013

Snowdonia Society business membership – a badge to make a difference

I’ve always been a bit sceptical about badges, probably scarred by years of big company ISO 9000 tick box certification.  Do quality grading schemes really make a difference?  So many people have these types of badges but how much are they worth to the businesses and their potential customers? Certification or quality management assurance is certainly big business and big bureaucracy.

But here’s a badge with a difference - Business Member Snowdonia Society (Aelod Busness Cymdeithas Eryri). Membership is aimed at any business which shares the goals or objectives of the Society.

RAW Adventures, which organises mountain activities, is one of the first to become a Business Member. It is run by local mountain leaders Kate and Ross Worthington. Kate said .....’ we are looking forward to continuing to support and promote the outstanding work that the Society does. Both Ross & I have been individual members for a number of years, even before moving to the area, and have enjoyed some great days on events such as the Snowdon litter pick. We love sharing the Snowdonia mountain environment with friends and family as well as for work. We feel that being business members is a great opportunity to give something back to an area that is very dear to our hearts’. 

Membership fees are £50 a year in return for which the business gets publicity on the society’s website and in the magazine, multiple copies of the magazine and use of the logo. Members are able to show they care about Snowdonia’s future and raise awareness of their business amongst like-minded environmentally aware people. Full details of the scheme can be found here.

Another new recruit is Trigonos, a residential centre for educational and training events, workshops and retreats based in Nantlle. ...’The qualities of the Snowdonia National Park are an important factor drawing people towards Trigonos. Those qualities are taken for granted but have only been maintained through the commitment of generations who love Snowdonia. If we benefit from the Park then we should do whatever we reasonably can to maintain its integrity and character. Being a business member of the Society is a significant step to that end. By supporting the Society and the Park in general we are also helping to maintain and increase long-term employment for local people. The two objectives are totally compatible.’

Coming clean ... as well as working for Natur Cymru I also work for the Snowdonia Society so I am a bit biased. If you know of any business that might be interested in becoming a business member of the Snowdonia Society please forward this to them. Many thanks. Huw

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