Friday, 24 May 2013

Big Betws Trees - razed to the ground

Tree surgeons ALFA have done an excellent job in Betws y Coed felling three large trees between the church and Cotswold Outdoors. It’s always sad to see big trees going but from what I understand these need to go. A scan of the trees had shown significant decay in the trunks and one of them had a large split.

Large trees to the left have gone 
Why do I say ALFA Tree Services have done a good job? Apart from being thorough, diligent and tidy in the tree felling, they went out of their way to explain to people like me who question why these beautiful trees have to be felled.

The trees in question are nothing special by way of species, some form of cypressy pine not dissimilar to leylandii. They were planted about 140 years ago when the church was built and don’t belong in the centre of town – it would have been much wiser to have planted something more compact and manageable such as holly or yew.

This time lapse video shows the removal of the  trunks.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post about tree surgery. The trees now look in amazing condition.