Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Coastal Otter Project

Have you seen a coastal otter? Your help needed

In the next issue of Natur Cymru you’ll be able to read all about the Welsh Clearwing moth in an article by Dan Forman and his colleague Rhiannon Bevan. Dan is Director of the Swansea University Ecology Research team (SERT), and moths are not the team’s only interest.

After decades of declining populations, otters have made a remarkable recovery. They are highly adaptable mammals, able to exploit a wide range of habitats, but our knowledge of their coastal activity is currently limited.

SERT are conducting a survey and your time and help would be much appreciated.

Purpose of the survey:

  •  Begin to record the distribution of otter activity in coastal areas in all areas of Britain.
  •  Raise awareness of use of coastal areas by otters in Britain. This includes sandy beaches, dunes, docks, salt marshes, estuaries and rocky shorelines.
  •  The information need not be recent as any sightings over the last 30 years are useful to us.

Please supply:

  •   Location: please try to as specific as possible ­­­– a grid reference is ideal but don’t worry if you cannot provide one.
  •   Date (day, month and year)
  •   Approximate time of day
  •   Details of what you saw. Please include as much information as possible. Did you see the otter on the beach, on rocky areas, or in the sea? How many otters did you observe? Have you seen them at this location before?

Please send any information to:

Dan Forman, Coastal Otters Project, Department of Biosciences, College of Science, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP

The Autumn issue (No 48) of Natur Cymru will be available in mid September.

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