Monday, 26 August 2013

Wall Browns on the Great Orme

Family visit to the Great Orme today, pleased to find several Wall Browns flitting round at the summit; the photo was taken by my daughter Alison. The Walls were settling on the limestone rock ridge, not greatly disturbed by the visitors who were arriving by car, tram, cable car, bike and on foot.

This species has suffered a severe decline in many areas but seems to be holding its own on the North Wales coast. Of the open ground members of the ‘Brown’ group, only the Wall and the Small Heath have two generations per year. A few tatty Meadow Browns are still flying at the end of August, but the other browns have been and gone (except, of course, the Speckled Wood). The Wall, with its bright golden wings, could be confused with the Comma but the latter is unlikely to be seen in the same habitat and also lacks the Wall’s bold patterning and eye-spots.

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